This multi-objective phonics board game is designed to help children learn blending for reading.

It is the tabletop version of our interactive game, Cargo Capers.

The aim of the game is to fill your truck with 6 animals in your crate. Do this by reading word cards along the way.

The game can be adapted for learning high-frequency words, tricky words, or grapheme-specific words for phases 2-5.

Great for group work in the classroom, for intervention groups, or for playing in the home with a friend or family member.

A full set of instructions are provided with the game.

3 games in one!

Use the game to practise:

  • Grapheme specific-words
  • Tricky words
  • High-frequency words

All game cards and counters you will need to play the game are provided. All you need is a die.

It is recommended that you laminate the resources for longevity.