The Phonics Gamer

Cargo Capers

This is an interactive phonics game designed to help children practise blending for reading with a focus on single words.

Great for classroom use on an interactive whiteboard in phonics lessons or for home learning on a PC or tablet.

Cargo Capers comes with an optional narrated story that you can use when introducing the game to children, providing context and purpose to the game.

Listen to the story or skip the story and go straight to the game. You can even use the comic strip to challenge more able readers to read the story themselves or to their class.

Covers Phases 2-5 of a Letters and Sounds phonics programme, or it can be used to help children focus on learning words with specific graphemes.

Use the controls on a keyboard or the touchscreen controls on an interactive whiteboard or tablet, to shoot down crates with nonsense words. Crates with real words have animals in them. Allow them to fall to the ground where they will be collected by the truck.

Can you get all the animals to safety?