The Phonics Gamer

Musical Mummy

An interactive phonics game to help children with sound discrimination, with a focus on musical instrument sounds.

Great for children learning Phase 1 of a Letters and Sounds phonics programme or for children just beginning their phonics journey.


For classroom use on an interactive whiteboard as part of your phonics lessons, but equally suitable for home learning as it can also be played on PC or tablet.

Musical Mummy comes with a narrated comic strip that you can use when introducing the game to children, providing context and purpose to the game. Listen and enjoy the story or skip the story and go straight to the game.

Flip two cards at a time as they make the sound of the instruments shown on the cards.

Play on your own or with a friend.

The game can also be played as a class during a phonics lesson.

After each pair of cards is matched, Munchy will explore the pyramid and try to find the key to escape.

Will you help Munchy the Mummy escape?