An interactive phonics game to help children recognise rhyme.

Great for children learning Phase 1 of a Letters and Sounds phonics programme or for children just beginning their phonics learning journey.

Great for classroom use on an interactive whiteboard in phonics lessons.

Also, suitable for home learning on PC or tablet.

Rhyming Rockets comes with a narrated comic strip that you can use when introducing the game to children, providing context and purpose to the game. Listen and enjoy the story or skip the story and go straight to the game.

Click on two cards at a time and try to match two objects or words that rhyme. As each card is turned a narrator will read out the word on the card to enable children to hear and recognise the rhyme.

Can you help Charlie build his rocket by matching the pairs of cards that rhyme?

As you match each pair of cards, Charlie will gain one piece of his rocket.