The Phonics Gamer

Sheep Shambles

Have some fun helping Max round up the correct sheep and return them safely to the farmer.

Sheep Shambles is a game for learning grapheme-phoneme correspondence.

Great for classroom use on an interactive whiteboard in phonics lessons or for home learning on PC or tablet.

Will you be able to help Max round up the correct sheep?

Listen to the phoneme and click on the sheep with the grapheme that represents that sound.

Use the menu to select what graphemes you would like to include in your game. You can choose a range of graphemes or focus on a specific set according to your phonics lesson objective.

Sheep Shambles comes with an optional narrated story that you can use when introducing the game to children, providing context and purpose to the game. You can even use the comic strip to challenge more able readers to read the story themselves or to their class.