How to use the printable games and resources

We understand that you won’t always have access to an electronic device and that you may not always want your children having too much screen time, however good the educational content of the game may be. Or you may be a teacher looking for phonics games for your teaching assistant to use with groups of children. With this in mind, we have also developed a set of ‘offline’ games with themes and gameplay related to our online interactive games. As we continue to add more online games, we also endeavor to add corresponding themed printable games to accompany them. We have many more of these games in the pipeline so watch this space as we add more!

Some of the games come with multiple sets of cards so the games can be used to work on a range of phonics objectives. For example, the Cargo Capers offline game can be used to work on high-frequency words, tricky words, or words with a chosen grapheme.

In order for the games to last, it is suggested that they be printed and laminated so they can be used again and again. Ideally, they should be printed on A3 size but they are designed to work equally well when printed in A4 size.

Suggestions for use:

In the classroom:

  • Group work during phonics / literacy lessons
  • Intervention group work – have your TA play the games with an individual or group of children.
  • Paired work – children can play the games with each other.
  • Adapt the games as needed with different card sets to match the learning objective of the lesson.
  • Have the games available in your literacy area, choosing area or the place where you keep extra work for when children finish.

At home:

  • Have fun and learn at the same time and play them with your children. This can include playing our online games or the practical games provided here.
  • Siblings can play together. If you have an older sibling, they can help support their younger brother or sister with their phonics learning.
  • Take them with you on holiday / travel so you can have fun and keep up with your child’s phonics learning.

There are many other ways you could use the games and we always welcome feedback and suggestions for how to improve our games. Maybe you could send a picture or tell us if your children or class enjoyed them? We are always looking to improve our games so please do give us your feedback at

Youtube help videos:

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How-to videos

Please bear with us whilst we work behind the scenes to create more video instructions on how to use the games. We will also add these videos here for easy reference.