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Our free account gives you unlimited access to a small set of games and phases within those games. A free account does not allow for access to our printable game resources and interactive teaching tools. In order to use this service please register for a free account and you will automatically gain access to our content.

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This membership allows for one email account to have full unlimited access for one year, to all of The Phonics Gamer’s member games, interactive resources and downloadable resources. This is suitable for a parent account or teacher account, but is not suitable for trial or school accounts.

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Allows 2 child accounts to access the website at the same time and provides full access to all games and resources. An email address will be required for each account.

School Account

If you require a school account, we would be delighted to help arrange this. Send us an email and we will be in contact with you discuss your requirements.

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Here are some of the games available to our members:

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  • To support lockdown learning this free account will temporarily allow access to all of our website content and material. Once lockdown is lifted, the situation will be reviewed and this free account may revert to it's normal status. The free account normally provides access to our game and resource demos which are free to use indefinitely.
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